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MP3: Papoose – NBA Rhyme Scheme

Papoose – NBA Rhyme Scheme Download Mp3 

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[Intro: Papoose]
Premier on the track
Ayo, shout out to the NBA, what’s your favorite team?
I’ma break down all the teams and show you how I flip it into a rhyme scheme
Take your time
Pay close attention (Write it down)

[Verse: Papoose]
I’m in Atlanta with the hawk, I poked him, he fell quick
I used to be a scalper, like Boston, I sell ticks
My Cuban link chain so heavy, my neck hurt

Call me the Brooklyn Nets, in Brooklyn, I network
Get fly in Charlotte, spread my wings like a hornet
Every time I hear your music, I fast-forward
If I was bipolar, I’ll kill you soon as my mood switch
Something like Chicago, ’cause I’m back on my bullshit
In the gym working on my Cleveland calves

I’ll be running like the horse on the Dallas Mavs
Hungry, so I got to put some food in my stomach
I need some sweet and sour sauce for my Denver nuggets
Now my wife got a gold toilet bowl
Something like Detroit, she pissed in a cup when she was on parole
These rappers is my kids, call Maury up
I’m in a golden state of mind, a warrior
Rock it like Houston, I don’t give a damn

I don’t rap for free, I sell verses, Swizz Beats and Timbaland
Indiana Pacers jacket with the zipper
I just got a haircut with some LA clippers
Like the Lakers, bring the ‘ship to my city
Shout to my nigga Bleek, ask Memphis, I be on my grizzly
Heat like Miami, push your head back
Get bucks like Milwaukee, Jadakiss already said that
Shooting like the Timberwolves, I ain’t missing, fam
Timber, knock the trees down on your Timberlands
Move birds, call ’em pelicans
Sold nicks in the rain, lightning and thunder, I’m a hustling veteran
I’m a survivor like Magic Johnson
The gangsters respect me from Brooklyn to Compton

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I was born in ’78, never been a quitter
Two years ahead of my time, I’m a 76er
They my sons, we’re some trailblazers, you heard
A bunch of kings floating in them Bentley Spurs
Papoose, way more than just a rapper
Swoop down and snatch my prey like a raptor
Used to shop at Jimmy Jazz, I’m different
Y’all some cowardly lions eager to meet the wizard

Playing basketball
Playing basketball
Playing— Playing— Playing—
Playing— Playing— Playing—
Playing— Playing— Playing basketball
Basket— Basket— Basket—


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