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Pom Pom Squad – Crying Download Mp3 

Pom Pom Squad are back with the another single from their forthcoming album Death Of A Cheerleader. “Crying” is arguably the best track on the record; it’s an old-timey, indulgently depressed anthem with great quips (“If I’m a bitch/ At least someone is”) and just flat-out complaints (“Naturally, I’m alone again”). It’s like the whole song is sung in one drawn out, dramatic sigh.

Read what vocalist/guitarist Mia Berrin told us about this song in our recent Band To Watch interview:

I think when you’re a person who’s depressed, especially people in our age group, it’s super easy to make a joke about it. I think a lot of the times when I was younger it was so much easier to make a joke about how depressed I was or how anxious I was than to actually deal with it or do something positive with it.

My sense of humor would just bury that feeling. I think now that I feel a little bit more stable and in a healthier place, I can make fun of myself a little bit more but in an honest, self-reflective way rather than just the “this is a cry for help” kind of humor on Twitter dot com.

Pom Pom Squad has always been described as music to cry to, and what we became known for was people coming to shows and sobbing. I just thought, how funny would it be to just literally have a song called “Crying” and have it be about how much of a whiny bitch I am.

Listen to “Crying” below.


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