MP3: poptropicaslutz! – something about the sky

MP3: poptropicaslutz! - something about the sky

poptropicaslutz! – something about the sky  MP3 free download

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[Intro: Ryan Leahan]
So I said, wait I need to know
You make me lose control
And I’d wait a thousand years
Fuck that, I need you here
(One, two, three, four!)

[Verse 1: Nick]
I want us to be a butterfly
But metamorphosis kinda scares me
I’ve never made it past the cocoon
But I feel like we can make it when I’m laughing with you
And I’m not sure if this is an illusion or a trick of the light
But when I look at your eyes
There’s a kaleidoscope that soothes my apprehensive nature
So would you do me a favor and just try not to blink?

[Pre-Chorus: Ryan Leahan]
So tell me we’re just friends
So sick of thesе dead ends
I want more
I need morе
(One, two, three, four!)

[Chorus 1: Christian]
And if I ever get you upset
I’ll ask you “was it something I said?”
‘Cause I’m too caught up in my head
Playing out scenarios that you won’t bet on
Better to be led on, stepped on
Overly distressed on
Saturday night, when you’re out with your friends
Just to let that spark remain than to give this up and walk away

[Verse 2: Ryan Leahan]
Grabbin’ on my chest, I look at you
Baby boy you look at me
Tell me what you see inside your body, baby honestly
I know you believe in stars
I saved up to buy a car
Just to see the seven seas
Tell me, would you come with me?
What I want is something more
Can you tell me what’s in store?
I been breathing 1 and 2 and 3 and just to feel the floor
I been waiting for a spark
Friction in my broken heart
Baby, it’s a shame to burn out ‘fore we even start

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[Bridge: Ryan Leahan]
And I love, I love tonight
And I love, I love the night
And I love, I love tonight
The night
And I love, love the night
And I’ve been waiting all week
Waiting all month
Just another chance to feel your fucking touch
Touching on your body, I feel it on me tonight
And I been looking at your stare
Falling for your eyes
Thinking ’bout your tongue when it’s tangled up with mine
Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m yours tonight

[Pre-Chorus: Ryan Leahan]
So tell me we’re just friends
So sick of these dead ends
I want more
I need more
(One, two, three, four!)

[Chorus 2: Ryan Leahan]
So tell me how we’re not meant to be
Leave me dead, alone in the streets
It’s one half of a puzzle piece
So much more, so much more to see


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