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MP3: Six Organs Of Admittance – All That They Left You


Six Organs Of Admittance – All That They Left You MP3 download

Six Organs Of Admittance announced their new album The Veiled Sea back in April. The lead single bore the perfectly Ben Chasny title “Somewhere In The Hexagon Of Saturn,” and its spaced-out guitar-solo glory spanned more than eight minutes.

Today Chasny is back with a second single from the LP titled “All That They Left You.” This one includes abundant shredding as well, but with some heavily affected vocals as well.

According to his accompanying statement, those words are about nothing less than the creation of this world: “This song is from the point of view of the forces that formed this world saying, ‘That’s all you get.

You don’t get any more.’ There’s a few guitar moves in there that were inspired by Alex Weir and some that were inspired by Randy Rhoads. I like bass.” You can tell the man likes bass!

Listen to both songs below.

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