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MP3: Sofaygo – Blow (feat. SSGKri)


Sofaygo – Blow (feat. SSGKri) download mp3

Sofaygo is a rapper on the rise based out of Atlanta, GA. Sofaygo is one of the more captivating of artists out of the new crowd that has been seen to be nearing mainstream status.

He is 19 years young with a plethora of music to choose from within his discography. He recently dropped a project titled “After Me” that contains two of his biggest hits right now: “Off the Map” and “Everyday”.

Both of the songs are accompanied by two great music videos, which have racked up 3 million views combined.

He not only has graced his enticing flows to the likes of me, but also larger artists within the same realm as him. Some of these artists include the notorious 1400 gang rapper, Trippie Redd, and also the pioneer of rage auto-tuned music, Travis Scott.

Recently, Sofaygo was seen on Instagram live with Trippie Redd. Before this public conversation, which was puppeteered by the well-known streaming service, SoundCloud, Trippie Redd had went to his Instagram stories to show love to the young artist.

He had even played Sofaygo’s music for his fans to hear on a different Instagram live video. In the public interview Trippie Redd held, he said that the fans could, if not should, expect a collaboration between the two Atlanta natives.

Travis Scott, one of the biggest artists of our generation right now, has put Sofaygo on as well. At a party held by the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian took to her Instagram story to film a chariot next to a pool. Whose music video can be heard and seen in the background of the video you ask? Sofaygo’s.

Who has a connection to the Kardashian family? Travis Scott. By assumption we can assume that if they have heard it, Travis Scoot has as well.

This assumption was proven to be right when later Travis Scott took to his Instagram story where he is filming his Pitbull dog, and ever-so-slightly, the viewer can hear Sofaygo’s music in the background.


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