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MP3: Swizz Beatz, Freddie Gibbs & Shoota93 – We Want Justice Dammit!


Swizz Beatz, Freddie Gibbs & Shoota93 – We Want Justice Dammit! MP3 download

Freddie Gibbs connects with Swizz Beatz and 93Shoota for a new record for “Godfather Of Harlem.”

There aren’t that many TV shows in the world that are able to nab the hottest in the rap game for original music. However, Godfather of Harlem is different. The Epix show based on the life of Bumpy Johnson is on its second season right now with some incredible music being bumped out specifically tailored for the series.

This week, Godfather Of Harlem unveiled a brand new single uniting Swizz Beatz and Freddie Gibbs alongside 93shoota titled, “We Want Justice Goddammit!” Production is handled by Avenue Beat who combines plaintive violin strings and military drum rolls for an epic banger.

Swizz handles hook duties with Freddie adding additional “Goddamit!” on the ad-libs. 93shoota weaves through the production with a grimey flow detailing the fight for justice. Gibbs, who is currently revving up for the release of a new album, merges his street experience with socio-political themes for yet another stand-out verse to add to his resume.


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