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MP3: Teejayx6 & Lex Luger – Too Loyal (Ft. Boldy James)


Teejayx6 & Lex Luger – Too Loyal (Ft. Boldy James) download mp3

Teejayx6’s EP “Generation Scam” has features from 24hrs and Boldy James.

If self-snitching had a spokesperson, it would probably be Teejayx6. The artist has made a name off of his scam raps where he goes into detail about how he allegedly steals credit cards and lurks on the internet with various VPN services. He has absolutely no shame when it comes to these bars and with his latest EP, Generation Scam, Teejayx6 continues to demonstrate that he simply does not care what listeners may think of him.

What’s immediately striking about this project is that all six songs are produced by Lex Luger. Sonically, this album is incredibly tight and from a lyrical standpoint, Teejay seems more focused than ever before. Instead of his usual talking flow, the artist experiments more with his voice and it makes for an interesting listen. On songs like “EDD Baby” and “Too Loyal,” we get features from 24hrs and Boldy James, respectively.

Overall, it’s a solid project and you can stream it, below.


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