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[MP3 + VIDEO] Chantaé Vetrice – Elevated


Chantaé Vetrice – Elevated Download Mp3 

Rising female rapper Chantaé Vetrice runs through NYC in a cannabis state of mind with her new single “Elevated” and its accompanying video.

There’s two things that will always go together like peanut butter and jelly, and in this case we’re talking about fine weed and even finer women. Add some good music to the mix and you certainly have a party on your hands, which is exactly the kind of mind frame you’ll be in after taking a listen to the uptempo new single by rising female rapper Chantaé Vetrice.

The purple-haired vixen comes through with peak levels of seduction on “Elevated,” a song that speaks to the joys of, well, getting elevated by way of marijuana. She even takes advantage of the new legalization laws in New York City for the song’s official music video, having a ball while blazing it up in big time throughout the Big Apple.

The song and accompanying video dropped just in time for 4/20, and has since been building traction on the underground with many people feeling her free-natured spirit and willingness to be a proud, sexually-charged woman who also likes to partake in puffing the magic dragon every now and again. All we can say is that she looks amazing while doing it, and we hope to see more of her in the game — the purple swag steez will easily work wonders for the budding femcee as we move into hotter months ahead! Above all else, you can never have enough beautiful women in the hip-hop world, right?

Take a listen to “Elevated” by Chantaé Vetrice below, and let us know if you’re feeling the song down below in the comments sections as per usual. All opinions, trolls and incels alike, are always welcomed:


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