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[MP3 + VIDEO] Collard – Deliver Me


Collard – Deliver Me MP3 download

‘Deliver Me’ offers an intimate portrait of the artist’s own personal journey of self-discovery in a time controlled by uncertainty and confinement. Collard shares, “Deliver Me is me submitting to defeat as this feeling of invincibility fades into a hole of self-reflection. It’s about facing reality and learning when the party’s over.”

Collard dispenses his tender trademark falsetto on ‘Deliver Me’ with a delicacy and grace only he knows how. The new single combines his distinctive brand of nostalgic and sentimental soul, pristine instrumentation and intricate artistry with a touch of modernity, casting ‘Deliver Me’ in an era entirely of its own creation.

Collard teamed up once more with creative-director duo SOB, to create the accompanying heady visuals for his latest single. Collards status as a longstanding gentleman of fashion and champion of refined taste is stunningly evidenced in the aesthetics of this opulent video. Accessorised with his signature tumbler of whiskey in hand and dripping in Dries Van Noten and Gucci, the video follows the singer as he hazily cavorts through the decadent corridors of a grand central London hotel.

Collard explains, “Sosa (creative director) took a dive in to the film production world of the ‘Dogme Collective’ a movement which prioritised story, acting and theme over big budgets and high-spec equipment, this allowed us to create something truly voyeuristic and personal which maximised narrative and surroundings whilst minimising the need for everything else.”

Check out ‘Deliver Me’ below.


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