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[MP3 + VIDEO] Frankie Cosmos – Girl Inform Me (The Shins Cover)


Frankie Cosmos – Girl Inform Me (The Shins Cover) Download Mp3 

The Shins’ debut album Oh, Inverted World is turning 20 next week — its receiving a new remastered edition this week — and it looks like the band has lined up some artists to cover songs off of it.

Last week, Skullcrusher took on the album’s biggest hit, “New Slang,” and a few days after that the Shins shared a rendition of “Caring Is Creepy” by Buzzy Lee, aka Sasha Spielberg.

Today, two members of Frankie Cosmos — Greta Kline and Alex Bailey — have shared a homespun cover of “Girl Inform Me.”

“it’s been 20 years and Oh, Inverted World still rocks so hard,” they wrote on Instagram. “we had a lot of fun making this cover to celebrate @theshins and @subpop reissue of this game-changer of a record. everyone pay your respects and listen to the album!”

Kline also recently covered Guided By Voices and Taylor Swift.

Check out Frankie Cosmos’ cover of the Shins below.


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