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[MP3 + VIDEO] Joya Mooi – Bitter Parts


Joya Mooi – Bitter Parts MP3 download

Someone who lets her life bleed through into the lyricism, Joya’s work is a hazy blend of Native Tongues hip-hop, loose-limbed jazz elements, and soulful R&B.

Placing herself at the centre of this nexus, each song from Joya Mooi is a creative junction, allowing ideas to blend and dissipate.

New single ‘Bitter Parts’ was produced by Sim Fane, and the rugged beat is the perfect foil for her velvet vocal.

Soft and suggestive, there’s an inner steel to Joya Mooi’s work, while the lyric’s unfurling narrative grabs hold of the listener from the first note.

She comments…

“‘Bitter Parts’ is about coming to terms with the less pleasant parts of yourself. The song plays with the denial of this, at times I ignore the ‘mirror’ or I suggest means to reduce the confrontation with myself. I think I’ve accepted that I’m not always going to be the perfect self for myself, but I think I can now take a closer look at the imperfections.”

Michael Middelkoop @ Czar directs the video, and it’s a bold creative statement. He adds: “I wanted to explore the song’s themes by creating this infinite, unavoidable reflection of Joya. An all-seeing eye in an all-seeing room, that puts all beautiful and bitter parts on full display.”


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