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[MP3 + VIDEO] L’rain – Blame Me


L’rain – Blame Me download mp3

Next month, L’Rain is releasing her sophomore album, Fatigue, the follow-up to her 2017 self-titled debut. We heard lead single “Two Face” last month and today Taja Cheek is sharing “Blame Me,” a gorgeous and eerie and lullaby-esque song that finds her reflecting on the circumstances of her birth. The song’s accompanying music video features Tinkcolorful dressing up as a clown.

“I am fascinated by clowns’ predilection for entropy and absurdity, and by their general role as the ultimate icon of emotional complexity (the tears of the clown…),” she said in a statement. “There’s also something about ‘freaks’ that make me feel at home: people who are deemed useless, dangerous, or too strange to understand. Who doesn’t feel misunderstood in this time of social media, social chaos, and social scarcity?”

Watch and listen below.


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