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In the years since Wet released their sophomore album Still Run, the group has occasionally resurfaced with some standalone tracks.


In 2019, that was “Old Bone” and its b-side “Trust No Man; last year, it was “This Fog” and “Come To You.” Today, they’ve once more returned with another standalone.

This one’s called “On Your Side,” which Kelly Zutrau co-wrote with producer Buddy Ross. Here’s what Zutrau had to say about the song:

“On Your Side” is about the feeling of embodying unconditional love as a special and fleeting experience. Even though it sounds contradictory, unconditional and fleeting, it’s about that duality.

I often find myself in more ambivalent places in relationships and then when it happens it’s epic like planets and trees and rivers and then like that it’s gone again. I think I wanted to capture it as a way of holding onto that feeling.

To me a lot of love songs are about capturing that quick moment before it’s gone, there’s a desperation to it.

“On Your Side” also marks the return of original Wet member Marty Sulkow, bringing the group back to the same trio lineup they had when they were first generating a bunch of buzz in the earlier years of the ’10s. Check out “On Your Side” below.


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