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MP3: Wild Pink – Ohi Ft. Samia


Wild Pink – Ohi Ft. Samia MP3 download

New York indie rock band Wild Pink recently unveiled what seemed to be one of the most beloved albums of this year so far, A Billion Little Lights. It came out in February, and the John Ross-led project is already back with a new song EP titled 3 Songs out next month. (In the interim they also combined a bunch of covers they’d recorded for various comps into the 6 Cover Songs EP, none of which was new but all of which was certainly of interest if you love Wild Pink.)

The lead single from 3 Songs is a weightless, immersive track, “Ohio,” with singer-songwriter Samia. Samia, who’s been doing a lot of collaborations lately (including with Christian Lee Hudson, Bartees Strange, and Homeschool), only adds to the ethereal, romantic atmosphere of Wild Pink’s floating ballads. The nearly four-minute track feels aimless, but with a purpose; it encompasses the sensation of a reverie.

About “Ohio,” Ross said:

This song is about feeling isolated but then the relief that comes from seeing family/friends. It’s about getting some comfort from some of the mundane things I took for granted growing up, like daily summer storms and the hum from an oscillating fan at night. I wrote a lot of it during soundchecks on a tour with Adam Torres in 2018.

Listen to “Ohio” and see the tracklist for 3 Songs below.


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