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MP3: Wye Oak – TNT


Wye Oak – TNT MP3 download

Jenn Wasner has been on a tear this last year and a half. In late 2019 and early 2020, she and Andy Stack released a handful of awesome standalone Wye Oak singles.

Those found Wye Oak inching back towards a more rock-oriented sound, but then they returned with the celestial, atmospheric No Horizon EP with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Wasner also released a sparse, vulnerable Flock Of Dimes EP and announced she’d signed her solo project to Sub Pop.

And then, earlier this year, she released a new Flock Of Dimes full-length, Head Of Roses. But apparently releasing one of the best albums of this year (and her career) will not slow Wasner down. Instead, now Wye Oak are back too!

Today, the duo have returned with a song called “TNT.” It’s one of two standalone tracks, with another promised in June. When I interviewed Wasner last year, she talked about how her different projects exist less as varying genre explorations and more as a vehicle to release more music than would otherwise be possible — the aesthetic being more derived from wherever she is in that moment. To that end, “TNT” doesn’t feel totally removed from her recent Flock Of Dimes work, even if it brings in a bit more spacey Wye Oak textures.

Thematically, too, it feels of a piece with Head Of Roses in some ways. Here’s what Wasner had to say about the song:

“TNT” is about the changing of the seasons, and using the passing of time as a means of reflecting on your own growth. It’s about joyfully acknowledging all of the ways in which you’ve grown while trying to accept the parts of yourself that are still stuck in patterns of repetition. And it’s about learning to see outside of the more superficial parts of your personality in order to attempt to understand the other, and reach some kind of equilibrium in spite of how different we all can be.

Check it out below.


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