Night Lovell – Just Say You Don’t Care (Album)


Night Lovell – Just Say You Don’t Care (Download Free album Zip)

Just Say You Don’t Care is Night Lovell’s fourth album, released on May 7, 2021.

Weeks before the announcement, Lovell would cryptically tweet the the albums name in asterisk symbols, seemingly confusing fans.

On April 8th, Lovell would officially announce the albums name, cover and official release date.

1. Trying To Float
2. Smoke Screen
3. Bandage
4. I Know Your Ways
5. You Motherfucker
6. Call Me Water
7. Sadly I Cannot Control
8. Ten Wishes
9. Bottom Top
10. Puppet
11. On The Hill
12. Crawl
13. Counting Down The List
14. Alone


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