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Peeps React as Woman With Very High-Slit Dress Struggles to Cover Herself in Trending Video

  • A video has gone viral on social media as it captures the arrival of a guest in a revealing outfit at an event
  • In the viral clip, the lady is seen in a white dress with a train and a very high slit which she tries to keep covered
  • Many internet users have reacted to the video with some people criticising her for wearing such an outfit
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A lady’s decision to rock a rather daring outfit to an event has been met with mixed reactions on social media.

While high slits are currently in vogue, it appears not every slit makes the cut in what is considered elegant fashion.

A video shared by the comic page, Krakshq, shows a lady at an event in a fitted floor-length dress with its slit going up all the way, just inches shy of her waist.

In the video, the lady is seen consciously trying to keep her underwear covered.

Watch the video below:


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A post shared by Relatable and Entertaining (@krakshq)

Social media users react


“What is she now trying to cover??”


“I’m concerned about how she’ll sit comfortably while trying to cover what the excess material would have covered properly “


“Maybe the material finish”


“The point of the dress?”


“The dress would have been so beautiful if the slit was closed a little at least.”


“If person talk now they will say “her body her choice”.


“Elegance left through the window!”


“Ode. And she can’t sit down. What’s the point of wearing the dress.”


“She probably tried the cloth too late she probably wanted slit but not this much Tori she dey cover am .”


“We’ve seen it all. What’s there to cover? ‍♀️”


“Why Is she covering it na.”

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