Q – The Shave Experiment (Director’s Cut) [Album]


Q – The Shave Experiment (Director’s Cut) (Download Free album Zip)

He followed up the critically acclaimed tape with five new self-produced cuts.

Q is one of the industry’s most promising rising stars. After signing to Columbia Records, the South Florida artist spent most of 2020 working on his EP The Shave Experiment. Garnering rave reviews from critics, the critics, Q, whose full legal name is actually Q Steven Marsden, experimented with a funkier, upbeat production on the tape marking a slight departure from his previous work.

He followed up the thrilling tape with the reloaded edition The Shave Experiment (Director’s Cut) on Friday (June 4). Adding on five new self-written and self-produced tracks to the EP including the previously released “If You Care” and “Want,” he continues to flex his impressive knack for blending elements of R&B, Funk, Pop and more.

On self-producing all the songs from the standard and new director’s cut, Q explained enjoying the creative agency that comes with self-producing. “Yeah, I guess it is important, but it’s not important for me to have it be that way just so people are impressed,” he explained. ” If I’m producing things myself, I’m just able to, at some point, get it exactly how I want it to be. I really don’t work with people that much, but when I do it is a different experience.”

Check out The Shave Experiment (Director’s Cut) and let us know how you’re liking it.


1. Garage Rooftop

2. Director’s Cut (Q Talk)

3. Want

4. Wonder

5. If You Care

6. Take Me Where Your Heart Is

7. Alone

8. The Cry Out

9. Break (Rest)

10. My Dear Electra

11. Shave

12. It Won’t Get Ya

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