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See 3 Other Expensive Items Owned By Destiny Etiko (Photos)



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Forget About Her Brand New Exotic Car, See 3 Others Luxury Items Owned By Destiny Etiko (Photos).


Destiny Etiko now popularly known as the Drama doll no doubt one of the richest Nollywood actress at recent time. Some days ago, she took to her Instagram page to showcase her brand-new Multimillion naira Prado Jeep.





The Jeep was customized as “Drama doll”, and many of her fan has congratulated her about the new achievement. People begin to think how many of the ladies In the Nollywood industry are richer than their male counterparts? The answer can only be answered by the readers and fans, but what is certain is that hard work brings Good luck.



Do you know that the actress have other luxury items apart from her new Prado Jeep? Today I am sharing with you, three other expensive items owned by Destiny Etiko.

1. Lover Of iPhone.



Destiny Etiko has been spotted with different colours of iPhone recently, which got people wondering how many iPhones she actually got. As we know that iPhones cost some reasonable amount of dollars that many people can’t afford.



Do you notice that the colour of the iPhone in the first photo is different from the second? Does it mean she has more than one iPhone?

2. Bungalow House



In year 2018, Destiny Etiko was reported to have built a house for her mother, this got many people praising her for what she has done. Although, the house is for her mother, but she is the owner of it but a gift for her mother.

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3. Toyota Venza Car



During her 28th birthday, Destiny Etiko was reported to have got a new Venza car as a gift from yet unknown person, thus making the actress join the leagues of ladies with Venza Car.

See more of her nice photos



What can you say about these ladies who are making so much money in the Nollywood industry and most men cries for money as they seem to be poor.

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