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Study: Do you know Mark Angel is Nigeria’s highest YouTube earner at $300,000 a month



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The Nigerian content creator best known for the Mark Angel Comedy series on YouTube has 6.3million YouTube subscribers, and potentially rakes in nearly $326,800 in monthly revenue, according to the study.

Accredited Debt Relief compiled data using statistical websites Social Blade and Vidooly to find out which YouTuber has the most subscribers. The list only considers individual YouTubers, so brands, bands, or shows didn’t make the cut.

To calculate each channels earnings, Accredited Debt Relief used Banner Tag to find the average daily views for each channel and estimated how much it was earning using a site called Noxinfluencer, which estimates earnings based on views and subscribers.

Accredited Debt Relief said that while there are several options for making money on YouTube, it’s nearly impossible to make a living without a large following.

“It’s important to note that figures are estimates of each YouTuber’s ad revenue, so it doesn’t account for corporate sponsorships, merchandise sales, or any fan donations.

So for all we know, these influencers could be making even more money. If that doesn’t inspire you to start posting amateur videos on YouTube, we don’t know what will.”

Mark Angel Comedy received a plaque from YouTube for having reached one million subscriptions in 2017. He was the first Nigerian-based YouTuber to reach that threshold.

Comedian Mark Angel receiving the gold-plated YouTube plaque at Google For Nigeria for hitting 1 million YouTube subscribers, the first Nigerian-owned channel to do so.
Other key findings from the report showed that the world’s most popular individual YouTuber is PewDiePie, a Swedish influencer based in England with a channel registered in the U.S. He has 105 million subscribers.

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The most popular YouTuber based in the U.S. is a six-year-old Russian-American named Anastasia Radzinskaya, who has the YouTube handle Like Nastya.

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