Taleban Dooda – Fallen Angel (Album)


Taleban Dooda – Fallen Angel  (Download Free album Zip)

Taleban Dooda is an 18-year old rapper from East Tampa, FL, with the vivid lyrics of Kodak Black and the smooth tone of Jeremih. Dooda got his start singing at 15 and rapping at 16, making melody the foundation of his sound. In addition to several releases with frequent collaborator Rees Money, his debut solo release was this year’s “Tru Colors” and the song has amassed over 2 million streams.

Taleban Dooda always had a voice — he just wasn’t always sure how to use it. “I always knew how to sing but my sister and them used to tell me to shut up,” says the 18-year-old rapper. “I used to be scared to sing in front of people.” That all changed in middle school when, after overhearing him singing in the hallway, a classmate urged Dooda to get up and perform in front of the class. Since then, Dooda’s voice, a combination of distinctly Floridian style and irresistibly catchy melody, has made him one of the most exciting new rap voices coming out of the South.

Hailing from East Tampa, Dooda had few options to avoid the violence that lurked outside his door. “That shit gutter,” he says of his hometown. “As a jit growing up, I played football, but when that don’t go as planned, you fall to the streets.” Dooda grew up in a musical family: his mother and sister sang, while his brother and father both sang and rapped. When he injured his knee in his 9th grade year, ending his football dreams, Dooda turned his attention to music.

He began by recording himself covering other people’s songs — inspired by his love for artists like Bruno Mars, John Legend, and Sam Smith — before moving on to his own original compositions. In some of the earliest videos on Dooda’s YouTube channel, the rapper can be seen at his high school, backpack on, singing for the camera while people eagerly gather around him. As he kept dropping snippets on social media consistently, the videos began to spread and pretty soon, his name was ringing off at every high school in Tampa.


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