Tara Mills & Carns Hill – False Hope (Album)


Tara Mills & Carns Hill – False Hope (Download Free album Zip)

Tara Mills and Carns Hill are the musical collaborators we can’t get enough of. After releasing a small number of singles spread across the earlier months of 2021, they’ve returned with a fully-formed 11-track project titled False Hope.

The South London singer decorates the production with her gentle vocal tones and vulnerable lyrics that carefully lead listeners to a reflective mind-state. The project also features contributions from Youngs Teflon and Reeko Squeeze whose rap elements marry well with the delicacy of Mills’ delivery and the toughness of Carns Hill’s instrumentals.

Although it may seem like a departure for the legendary Brixton producer, the R&Drill sound is a logical expansion of his palette that provides a fittingly mellow backdrop for Mills to speak her truth freely.

With a number of wheel-up worthy tracks like “Too Often” or the fast-paced, hi-hat ridden track “Cut Me Loose”, this project is what you get when you combine two seemingly disparate and contrasting styles. Both have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in their individual lanes, but together they’re unstoppable.


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