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These Are 6 Actors Who Went Too Far On Set And The Repercussions For Their Actions



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Talented actors always want to be perfect with their acting, they always want to make their acting as realistic as possible. Sometimes, it’s a lot of pressure to be seen as a very good actor, in trying to be good at what you do, you might have to cross many lines, some of which might be offensive to your colleagues. In this article, we are going to be showing you some actors that went too far on set. Check them out below

6) Shia Labeouf

Long Live Charlie Countryman

This young man became popular after his role in the transformers franchise. Shia Labeouf filmed the gangster movie titled ‘Long Live Charlie Countryman’, a movie that was directed by Frederick Bond. A particular scene in the movie, Shia Labeouf was supposed to act like he was taking LSD pills (a drug). The actor actually took real pills of LSD before shooting the scene, he did not consult his crew before doing this.

According to E Online, Shia Labeouf behaved in a very strange manner through out the entire shooting and he was almost unable to act out that particular scene. It is said that he attacked the director of the movie and even tried to choke him out. But was able to finish the film and his acting in that scene was exceptional.

5) Kevin Spacey

House Of Cards


Kevin Spacey was one of the actors in the I famous series on Netflix which is titled ‘House Of Cards’. Spacey played the famous lead role of Frank Underwood. Although Kevin was praised for his performance as Underwood, but he wasn’t nice to his colleagues on set.

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Kevin’s colleagues went on air on many occasions to complain that Kevin poisoned the working atmosphere and went as far as harassing so many young men on set. It was said that Kevin made very bad remarks to the film crew. His bad behaviour on set eventually led to him getting fired and his character written out in the sixth season of the series.

4) Margot Robbie

Wolf Of Wall Street


Before she acted in the ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ movie, she had only acted in a couple of series that were not very popular. This is why she was very nervous when she was shooting with the Legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. She was so nervous that she drank tequila to calm herself down before a love making scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

In another scene of the movie, she was supposed to argue with Leonardo DiCaprio. When they were in the heat of the argument, Margot Robbie mistakenly punched DiCaprio and she immediately became worried that DiCaprio might sue her. To her surprise, DiCaprio was impressed and he insisted that she does it again in the next take. When the movie was out, the punch scene was very realistic.

3) Daniel Day-Lewis

My Left Foot


This talented actor is definitely one of the best actors of our time. Daniel’s secrete was method acting, this is when the actor pretends to be in his role even when the camera is turned off. It’s hard to see anyone that as taking method acting as far as Daniel Day-Lewis. During the filming of his 90s film titled ‘My Left Foot’, Daniel played the role of a disabled boy who was almost totally paralyzed apart from moving his left leg.

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Daniel pretended to be paralyzed even when the camera wasn’t rolling. He was pushed around in a wheelchair and was fed by his colleagues. His efforts paid off as he received an Oscar Award for his exceptional performance in the movie.

2) Jared Leto

Suicide Squad


Who can forget the Joker?. Jared Leto played the role of the Joker in the 2016 movie titled ‘Suicide Squad’. He also used method acting and remained in the role even when the camera wasn’t rolling. This was the reason why he dyed his hair green and always appeared on set as the joker.

He even took his role further by sending his colleagues weird things by mail. He sent them dead rats, dead pigs and many other weird things. When he was interviewed, he said that anyone that wants play the role of the Joker has to go extreme.

1) Jim Carrey

Andy Kaufman


Jim Carrey played the role of the late comedian Andy Kaufman in the late 90s and he also used method acting. He did is so well that people didn’t really know if he was still Jim Carrey or Andy Kaufman. During filming, he used to show up late on set and drunk as well.

Jim had fights with his fellow actors and he went to parties as Andy Kaufman. The actions of Jim Carrey had good consequences because the real daughter of Andy Kaufman demanded to talk to Jim Carrey because she could see her late father through him.

Jim claims to this very day that Andy Kaufman’s daughter did not talk to him but spoke to her father through him.

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