“This country is too hot” – James Brown laments as he returns to Nigeria after ‘a long decade’ (video) » Ziptras
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“This country is too hot” – James Brown laments as he returns to Nigeria after ‘a long decade’ (video)



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Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, has returned to Nigeria after studying in the United Kingdom for several months.

James Brown, who travelled to the UK for study in February, shared a video on Tuesday, May 3, showing his magnificent welcome back to Nigeria. A group of drummers, dancers, his friends, and his sister, Gracious Brown, welcomed him at the airport.

According to him, he’s back to change the mentality of Nigerians.

However, after only a few hours in Nigeria, James Brown took to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the country’s harsh weather.

He stated that his body has become accustomed to the weather in the United Kingdom and that despite being in a fully air-conditioned room, he is dripping with sweat.

“This Country is too HOT 🥵ha’, he wrote on Instagram.

Watch video below,

In other news, James Brown has explained why he is not ashamed of acting like a woman, despite internet criticism.

During a question-and-answer session on his Instagram page, the transvestite underlined that he enjoys acting like a woman and isn’t ashamed of it.

When a fan inquired as to why, he explained that he had shed his shame after being wrongfully accused of being a gay many years ago.

It can be recalled that James Brown became an internet sensation after he and some others were nabbed by men of the Nigerian police force at a gay party in 2018. While they were being paraded by newsmen, James Brown confidently defended himself. He told journalists they were at the venue for a birthday party and that he was not homosexual.

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James Brown met with popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, shortly after the incident, and he has been crossdressing ever since, engaging his fans and followers with his content.

Well, during the interactive session with his fans and followers last night the drag queen said that the experience in August 2018 shaped his current identity.

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