TO1 – RE:BORN (Album)


TO1 – RE:BORN  (Download Free album Zip)

The boygroup TO1 (formerly known as TOO) released their first mini-album ‘RE:BORN’ since their rebranding. The title feels very appropriate.

With a very cinematic sound we start with the ‘Reborn (intro)’. From sweeping violins we slide into synths and a very EDM sound. It’s rather cool.

Next up is the title track ‘Son of Beast’. The groovy guitar in the beginning had me very intrigued. I’m loving the confidence, and the general vibe of the song. I really enjoyed the chorus as it is catchy as hell and gives me Michael Jackson vibes.

‘Hot Sauce’ follows that with a more hip-hop sound. The drop is very interestingly layered. Blast this through your speakers guys. I’m super curious what kind of choreo they’ll have for this track.

Next up is the track ‘Surf’. This dance track has a more laidback tempo. I very much enjoyed the chill sound of this after listening to ‘Hot Sauce’. That’s some good song placement on the album. The vocals of TO1 are lovely.

‘Hello Goodbye’ gives us TO1 in a mix of pop and House. It’s a cool mix and in the beginning I thought I was going to get a ballad. That was until the tempo picked up and I was straight up vibing. Also that long note after the rap verse had me do a double take.

We follow that with the track ‘With You’. A warm guitar intro gives me the ballad I was waiting for. The instrumentation feels very folksy, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The vocals are beautiful and I love their harmonies.

After that we get the English version of the title track ‘Son of Beast’. The last track is ‘Don’t Fear Now – TO1 Version’. That song was originally part of the TOO release ‘REASON FOR BEING: Benevolence‘.

You can find ‘RE:BORN’ by TO1 on Spotify here.


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