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Top 10 Bizarre Creatures Discovered In the Amazon Rainforest

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Are bizarre animals your pastime? Here, in the Amazon, you will find tons of them. Just come and give a glance to some of the Amazon Rainforest Wildlife animals with the most unusual conditions ever!

Here’s a top 10 of the strangest creatures you will see when coming to the Amazon. Do you want to see them closer? Come to Ecuador and take pictures and videos!

1. Electric Eel

This is one of the most dangerous fish species: it discharges electricity in a number of volts that could kill!

  • People and other victims do not die from the energy released, but from the paralysis caused by it, which leads to drowning.

Electric Eel

2. Sloth

We spoke of them in our article about our outstanding animals, but they are cute as hell and are one of the strangest animals you will ever know about. Sloths only move when they need it -and they do it so slowly-; they have a low temperature for a mammal, and take up to a month to digest food!

  • They also sleep 10 hours daily, and their tongue can be up to 12 inches long! They look like they are always smiling… so cute!
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3. Peanut Head Bug

These bugs are so weird that look like a wizard’s head, an owl’s eyes, and an unshelled peanut! All of these resemblances are just to confuse and deceive predators… well done!


4. Candiru Fish

The filthiest fish ever! It is a pencil-shaped fish, also called “toothpick fish”, which most reported ability is to swim up anal orifices and fill them with parasites. Ugh! Be careful when you swim around; ask your tour guide!

Candiru Fish

5. Potoo

Have you seen birds that look like wood or fungi? The potoo is one of them: these birds stand like a statue on a dead tree branch and nobody would notice they are not part of it until they fly!

  • Potoos are nocturnal birds who catch insects.


6. Fishing Bat

These are the largest species of bats, and the only bat species that can fish!

  • They have claws like an osprey and have a snout similar to a bulldog, so they are also called “bulldog bats”.


7. Bullet Ant

These are the world’s largest ants. Take your pinky and imagine it is an ant. Incredible, huh? Their name may come by their size, similar to the one of a bullet.

  • They live in a nest that usually has the headquarters at the base of a tree, so be careful! They also sting like a wasp…

Bullet Ant

8. Glass Frog

Have you seen a frog before? Of course yes. Now, have you seen the inside of a frog without having to open it? That’s only possible in the Amazon, where some frogs have a transparent abdomen that allows you to see each organ without X-Rays!

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9. Jesus Lizard

We described these water-running Hussain Bolts in another article, but they are so amazing and rare that it is wrong not to mention them here! They are also called basilisks and run up to 20 meters on the rivers’ surface, at 8.4 km.

  • They can ‘walk’ on top of the water without drowning, so Catholics who discovered them named them “Jesus” for their coincidence with the Bible story. But after gravity calls, they swim.


10. Poison Dart Frog

Since not all frogs are green or transparent, here we show you one so gorgeous that it’s better not to touch it, or you will die! Their colors are an alert for predators not to hunt them, just as traffic lights tell us not to cross the streets when it’s red.

  • Indigenous people use their poison for their darts. They call it “curare”.

Poison Dart Frog

Visit Napo Wildlife Center, where the Amazon Rainforest Wildlife will offer a lot of fun with each and every species you find!


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