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VIDEO: Nigerian Lady runs mad after sleeping with a Dog in Lekki



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Bestial Nigeria can only be cured by farming our loins for the hidden cowries of a nobler race.

The brothel prostitute, foul-mouthed roughneck, political assassin, ballot robber, kidnapper, rapist, and bestiality enthusiast are produced not by society’s savagery or sexism but by society’s absence.


There is no gainsaying the girls featured in the viral videos of bestial sex with dogs are consequences of the breakdown in Nigeria’s family unit.

Recently, social media has been agog with videos of Nigerian girls having sexual intercourse with dogs. Amid public criticism, another video of a girl having sexual intercourse with a dog has emerged.

The new footage is coming amid the trend of ladies sleeping with animals for N1.5m in Lekki area of Lagos. Previously, a teenager cum self-confessed bestiality enthusiast, Veegoddess, had come out to defend her action, insisting that she only slept with a dog and didn’t kill anybody.

The teenage TikTok user in Lagos went viral after claiming she slept with a dog for N1.7million, stressing that she did not think it was a big deal to have sexual relations with a dog.

“What is the big deal there? I only slept with a dog, I didn’t kill somebody. You, in your life, you have done worse and besides, have you seen N1.7million before? As if it’s a big deal. And mind you I’m not infected or anything. Stop dying on the matter, I’m enjoying the money,” she said.

The video post incited harsh criticism from the public, she recanted in another video. She said, “Guys I was just catching a cruise. I didn’t sleep with any dog. My boyfriend just broke up with me; help me to beg my boyfriend. I’m sorry for the video I made, it was purely cruise. (sic) “I don’t advise someone to be with animals. It was just a prank video, just cruise; you guys know Nigerians and cruise. I apologise to the public, please take my apology.” she said.

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Subsequently, the Nigeria Police Force has launched a manhunt for the lady seen having a sexual romp with a dog in the viral TikTok video.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said posting videos of bestial sex online won’t be tolerated and vowed that the police would apprehend the lady in the viral video.

The situation requires more drastic action than threats of punitive measures from law enforcers.

The family is the building block of society and civilisation. But in the wake of its dissembling, the responsibilities of raising a child are borne by a single parent, often times, the mother.

There is no disputing the sacrifices borne by a woman for the sake of her loved ones. In many instances, she is a worker of marvels. She is a peasant farmer and market woman of the sidewalk. She is a maternal hero and guardian of fruits from errant male loins. She is the spangled artisan mining the dreams of those that would put her in fetters.

A woman is, then she must be free. Her total freedom, she would tell you, isn’t in the hands of any man. Nor is it some grant to be enjoyed from an abusive patriarchy.

But is sleeping with a dog for money another vista of freedom? Is it another manifestation of woke womanhood or fiery feminism?

Freedom without responsibility, corrupts, and a corrupt female in her youth, like her male peer, often manifests dangerously. For instance, she would never become into a model citizen of the society. She would never raise a proper family. She would most probably scoff at established norms of marriage and societal continuity. She would probably end up as a single mother. She would always be the defective parent raising a damaged child.

Sometimes, she is a victim of circumstance: rape, child marriage, errant hormones and what social media warriors now call ‘dead beat father or husband.’ Sometimes, she is a victim of her own demons; like the young ladies seen having sex with dogs in the vulgar videos.

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Of course, there is nothing wrong in being strong and emancipated, whatever that intones; it’s the tenor of brute strength and infernal freedom that’s often cringe-worthy. If she chooses to be a brute, sex becomes a weapon to her, a frantic means to her ends. Where she misappropriates the ‘freedom’ of being ‘woke,’ feminism becomes an itch and a fetish to her, like bestial porn. She dulls down to an artificial set of sexual-political sensibilities to satisfy her lust for self-actualization in one breadth and her claims to being perpetually ‘oppressed.’

Like porn addicts, paedophiles, rapists, and racists, such a female is an emotion junkie, infinitely handicapped yet propelled by her lust for unearned benefits. And when she seems truly deserving of sought benefits, gluttony and wile pervert her claims until her agitation attains the tenor of a ruckus, much like the ghastly cries of feral cats jostling for the largest chunk of carrion flesh.

In the wake of her failed marriage or romance, she celebrates on Facebook, her exit from what she terms the concentration camp of wedlock, and goes on to groom her daughters and sons to live in her jailhouse of notions.

If money isn’t her problem, she makes sure her wards lack nothing. Eventually, she raises them as glamour pets, ensuring her son grows up to become “nothing like his father.” So doing, she infects him with gall and womanly fits. She overcompensates and splurges to make them miss nothing about their ‘deadbeat father.’ That is hardly child-grooming, its called child maintenance; keeping a child like an expensive pet.

To the feminazis already wailing, yes, orthodox families may occasionally fail in child grooming; and this is not about the ‘prominent’ or ‘successful’ few, who “made it” despite being raised by a single mother. It’s about the many who grew up broken, partially or completely damaged, because they were denied a father – be it their mother or the absentee father’s doing.

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It’s about the ‘woke,’ street-smart females sleeping with dogs for money within and outside the country. It is about the monsters of men and women, paying them to engage in bestial porn.

The creepy men and women holding the recording devices must be acknowledged for what they are: the greatest affliction to modern Nigeria.

The girls sleeping with dogs for money are products of dysfunctional families. Dysfunctional families result from an accentuation of poverty and the gender wars. Call it a manifestation of flawed choice, an ultimate human dilemma, precipitated by survival instinct in a blemished system. The gravest challenge to our hopes and dreams as a nation, beyond the messy political transactions prevalent at the grassroots and party arena, every minute and hour of every day, are the scandalous male vs female high dramas rocking the boats of Nigerian families and ravenous relationships.

More women suffer the scourge of tarnished awareness in a political high drama that renders their conscience, a pitiful hostage of its flesh envelope; “whose surges and secret murmurings they cannot stay or speed,” says Paglia.

The consequence is that instead of enjoying life naturally and as each situation peculiarly demands, the new Nigerian female reduces her own quality of life by seeing the world through an opportunistic and sexist filter, and not as it truly is.

This goads her to pursue, passionately, the perversion of certain established social and universal absolutes that had at one time or the other served as their moral and psychological compasses and comfort zones.

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