VIDEO: PnB Rock – Forever Never (feat. Swae Lee & Pink Sweat$)


PnB Rock – Forever Never Feat. Swae Lee & Pink Sweat$ download Video

PnB Rock releases his new music video for “Forever Never” with Swae Lee and Pink Sweat$.

PnB Rock looks like he’s just about ready to make a big splash with his upcoming studio album, titled To Be Honest, this summer. In the midst of his issues with his record label, the Philadelphia native has shared some of his new music, thanking fans for supporting him throughout the messiness. With more bops on the way, the 29-year-old just released a new music video for his latest single “Forever Never” featuring Swae Lee and Pink Sweat$.

The new song sees PnB Rock, Swae Lee, and Pink Sweat$ sing about their respective relationships, living their toxic dreams and claiming that they’re “supposed to be” together forever with their partners. The melodic new record features a strong hook from Pink Sweat$, as well as a standout verse from PnB Rock and a final verse from Swae.

“Pretty much me and Pink Sweat$ had a session. We knocked out three and this was one of the ones that stood out,” said PnB Rock about the new record during an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music. “And we just were trying to figure out who we were going to put on there, and we both came up with Swae Lee. It was some funny shit. We both said his name at the same time, like no, that’s got to be it. It wasn’t that.

He probably sent that shit back within the next week or something like that. He’s just one of the chosen ones, you feel me?”

Listen to the new song below and let us know what you think.


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