Waterparks – Greatest Hits (Album)


Waterparks – Greatest Hits (Download Free album Zip)

Greatest Hits is the fourth studio album from the band Waterparks and is their first release with 300 Entertainment. It is set to cover a sweeping range of genres and styles, pushing boundaries even further than the band’s 2019 release, FANDOM.

During the band’s interview with Rock Sound in issue #276, Awsten Knight mentioned how the album is intended to feel like the experience of nighttime:

The bulk of the album is like a dream sequence […] I want it all to feel like what is gone through in the course of a night.

1. Greatest Hits

2. Fuzzy

3. Lowkey as Hell

4. Numb

5. Violet!

6. Snow Globe

7. Just Kidding

8. The Secret Life of Me

9. American Graffiti

10. You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out to Get You)

11. Fruit Roll Ups


13. Gladiator (Interlude)

14. Magnetic

15. Crying Over It All

16. Ice Bath

17. See You In The Future


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