Young Thug – SOUTHSIDE THUGGIN (Album)


Young Thug – SOUTHSIDE THUGGIN (Download Free album Zip)

– Folder includes the tracklist proper (1 through 11), cover art in 2,000 pixels and 600 pixels, four additional songs cut from the tracklist but mastered and included anyhow, all songs in Apple Lossless audio format optimized for iTunes with producer info in the “Composer” field, and a .ZIP of all the original bounces in .WAV format, if that suits your fancy better.

– The tracklist was cut down to the strongest tracks available from the sessions. I believe that this is the strongest version of the album. If you are sad to see “Slimey,” “A Few Racks,” “Motha Fucka,” and “Beat The Case” excluded, I have included these (mastered as well) so that you can fit them in however you’d like.

– Regarding Blue Jean Bandit: Without access to stems, I wasn’t able to run my mastering strips and vocal conditioners without also effecting the piano instrumental. Thus, this version sounds brighter and less dark / muted than the released version. I work within limitations, so this is what I was able to achieve. Perhaps you’ll like it even better.

– Shoutout to whoever made the “808 Slime” compilation, which inspired me to make my own mastered version of this tape. Tracklist and art are different, but I gotta give kudos where they are due. If this was you, leave a comment and we’ll shower you with love.

– As always, thoughts and feedback hugely encouraged in the comments!


  1. Ha Ha
  2. With A Draco
  3. Twin Tower
  4. Pink
  5. Out The Ghetto
  6. Lil Mama
  7. Perc
  8. Blue Jean Bandit
  9. OK
  10. Fucked Up
  11. Penthouse

Not intended for the album, but included for completeness’ sake:

  1. Slimey (Pour Up Some Drank)
  2. A Few Racks
  3. Motha Fucka
  4. Beat The Case


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